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Visitors, have you consider becoming a member of Faith Lutheran Church?  We will start an Information and Instruction Class in the first week of February. The scheduled times will be determined by the participants. Members of Faith are free to attend. This class is a great opportunity to review the core doctrines of the Christian Faith.  Call 270.352.4545 if you have questions

Pastor Martin's Installation on December 14, 2014
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Our Mission

"It is our mission to seek the unchurched 
strive for spiritual growth, 
and to strengthen one another through 
the Word of God and His Sacraments".

Join us at our friendly, growing, Christ centered church!  

Worship Schedule


Worship Service  10 am
Adult Bible Study 11:30 am
Sunday School 11:30 am
Choir Practice 9 am


Women's Bible Study  10 am

Youth Confirmation Class 7 pm




We are located at 
377 East Lincoln Trail Blvd
Radcliff, KY 40160

email:  admin@faithinradcliff.org

Worship Service:  10 a.m.      
School/Bible Class:  11:30 a.m.    

Ladies Bible Study: 10 a.m

Youth Confirmation: 7pm

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Jan 25, 2015

"Justified by Grace through Faith Alone"
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