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» Laying a Cornerstone – October 20, 2020
» Giving Up – October 19, 2020
» Looking for Good Grapes – October 18, 2020
Through My Bible In 3 Years
» Through My Bible Yr 3 – October 20
» Through My Bible Yr 3 – October 19
» Through My Bible Yr 3 – October 18
Forward in Christ Magazine
» Question and answer about “Equipping Christian Witnesses”- Part 2
In celebration of its 25th anniversary in 2020, Martin Luther College (MLC), with the approval of the Conference of Presidents, has begun a two-year capital campaign called “Equipping Christian Witnesses.” The synod is looking to raise $16 to $18 million through the campaign. Part of that money will go toward student financial aid. We talked to […]
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» Conference of Presidents’ October meeting
» Home missions faithfully moving forward
» WELS Benefit Plans announces limited open enrollment
Faith Related Q and A
» If I feel uncomfortable being around other church members who are not wearing masks (this includes the pastors), is it okay for me to avoid them? This would include me taking my daughter out of Catechism class because we both feel very unsafe and we do not want to offend others. Catechism started off with everyone wearing masks and now no one is wearing a mask except us.
» I've read that Scripture indicates we will know our loved ones in heaven. This is a great comfort to me. Then I read where someone said they saw verses that indicated we will not know our loved ones in heaven. Do you know what verses they could be referring to?
» Hello! I tend to be more introverted and find being in large spaces with people I do not know to be not pleasant. While in a congregation I do have a common faith to connect with others, I tend to enjoy the digital classes and personal studies more fulfilling. Some days though, I am very comfortable with going alone. Is it OK to do virtual/personal studies and attend on the days when I feel comfortable to be in public?

One thing God has spoken, two things have I heard: that you, O God, are strong, and that you, O LORD, are loving. ~ Psalm 62:11-12