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» Question and answer about “Equipping Christian Witnesses”- Part 2
In celebration of its 25th anniversary in 2020, Martin Luther College (MLC), with the approval of the Conference of Presidents, has begun a two-year capital campaign called “Equipping Christian Witnesses.” The […]
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Faith Related Q and A
» I am struggling with the biblical account that the earth was created in six, 24-hour days. There is significant scientific evidence that the earth and the universe are significantly older. Carbon dating is just one example of a scientific method that helps determine the age of historical objects. I understand WELS believes that the bible is 100% the inspired, factual word of God, but isn't a thousand years like a day to the Lord? As an example of evolution that we see, bacteria are constantly mutating based on exposure to anti-biotics. Man bred wolves to become multiple breeds of dogs; is that evolution? I would appreciate your response to these questions.
» I go to a Reformed Christian college, and it came up in class that the gospels of Matthew and Luke were derived from the gospel of Mark and an unknown source, "Q." What does the WELS teach concerning this theory?
» I am wondering how to respond to the Jehovah's Witnesses who come to my door. Lately, they seem to want to bring people to their faith by bringing up the point that they believe that they will inherit a new restored earth with no violence. They stress that they will enjoy the blessings of earth (family, fishing, building, etc.) and that they wouldn't want to spend eternity in heaven (What would you do when you can enjoy the earthly blessings?). They reference Psalm 37:10-11 and how the meek will inherit the earth and enjoy peace on earth. They also cite the Lord's Prayer (Thy Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven) and other passages in Isaiah referring to a new earth. My question is which passages can I refer them to to show that we will not be brought back to earth but will enjoy the blessings of heaven. What passages seem to hit the heart of Jehovah's Witnesses to show that we will not return to a restored earth after it is destroyed. The Jehovah's Witnesses I have talked to seem to be stuck on a few references and examples that they have been taught and refer back to those examples often in their talks with me, Thanks and May God bless our efforts to reach out to the Jehovah's Witnesses with the truths of Scripture.

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