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» The War Is Over – June 16, 2019
» Communication – June 15, 2019
» I Will Tell You What It Means – June 14, 2019
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» Through My Bible Yr 2 – June 16
» Through My Bible Yr 2 – June 15
» Through My Bible Yr 2 – June 14
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» The harvest is on!
Pentecost celebrates the harvest of souls that has continued through the ages.   E. Allen Sorum Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit to help his church testify about him, but he told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem. Ten days later Jerusalem was packed with religious tourists who had gathered to celebrate the Festival of Weeks. This festival got its name because God directed Continued.
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» Heart to heart: parent conversations - What’s a parent’s role in dating?
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» Assignment of WLS graduates reduces vacancies
» Leaders discuss students’ needs at the Campus Ministry Staff Conference
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Faith Related Q and A
» Is child abuse sinful? Lately the Turpin Case has been in the news a lot, and I witnessed a Baptist completely justifying their child abuse. He said that the Turpin family did a good thing chaining up their children because that was protecting them from sin. He said that the police who intervened were wrong and that the parenting tactics the Turpin family used were good Christian parenting tactics. I personally feel very shocked and disgusted that someone who professes to be a Christian would justify such horrific child abuse.
» Joyce Meyer TV Ministry - I find her interesting. What is your opinion on her teachings? I have not found anything against the Bible in her sermons.
» Does Act 59 of the Wisconsin school choice program cross the line of separation of church and state ?

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