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» Sharing Joy – December 14, 2019
» The Laugh – December 13, 2019
» Turn – December 12, 2019
Through My Bible In 3 Years
» Through My Bible Yr 2 – December 14
» Through My Bible Yr 2 – December 13
» Through My Bible Yr 2 – December 12
Forward in Christ Magazine
» Question and answer about “Equipping Christian Witnesses”- Part 2
In celebration of its 25th anniversary in 2020, Martin Luther College (MLC), with the approval of the Conference of Presidents, has begun a two-year capital campaign called “Equipping Christian Witnesses.” The synod is looking to raise $16 to $18 million through the campaign. Part of that money will go toward student financial aid. We talked to Continued.
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» WELS Connection - November 2019
» WELS Connection - November 2019
» Heart to heart: parent conversations - Parenting Advice
WELS Together Newsletter:
» Restatement of “Scriptural Principles of Man and Woman Roles”
» Spring 2020 chaplaincy courses offered at MLC
» Recently announced changes in East Asia mission field
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» What is WELS' stance on homosexuality? Do they ordain homosexual pastors?
» Has the WELS cut off talks with the LCMS or are they still meeting?
» I'm a 30-something single guy that's been a WELS member since birth. I've tried many of the popular online dating sites, with no success. I pray every day for God to help me find a wife that shares my beliefs, and grant us the blessing of children some day. My church doesn't have any sort of 20's and 30's group to meet people. How can I meet the single WELS women that must be out there?

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