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» Saved to Serve – October 22, 2018
» God Heals Our Brokenness – October 21, 2018
» Justice in Due Time – October 20, 2018
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» Through My Bible Yr 1 – October 22
» Through My Bible Yr 1 – October 21
» Through My Bible Yr 1 – October 20
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» From faith comes love
We are saved by God’s grace through faith and are his handiwork to do good works.  James A. Mattek  Members of the church hadn’t seen her in weeks. Had something happened? Mary was elderly and would have been embarrassed by everyone’s concern. She also would have blushed if anyone dared to mention her reputation in Continued.
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» Together Video update - October 9, 2018
» WELS Connection - September 2018 - Mission and Ministry Sunday
» India Children's Home and Mt. Calvary VBS
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» COP holds its fall 2018 meeting
» Christian Aid and Relief Oct. 2018 update
» Record attendance at annual OWLS convention
Faith Related Q and A
» What Psalms are sung on Thanksgiving Day? What Bible passages are read in the church on Thanksgiving day?
» What should we understand as "a baptism of repentance" for the remission of sins? Mark 1:4; Luke 3:3. Is repentance worked by baptism? People came "confessing their sins" and then were baptized. Did John's baptism convey the remission of sins? the gift of the Spirit (in light of Acts 19:1-7) Please expound. Thank you.
» Hi, I have some questions: In your site, it is said that the law isn't a means of grace. But I read some Reformed say it is, in the sense that the law is part of the word, and that the law shows us our need of Christ. In that sense, would the Synod agree that the law is a means of grace? Also, I am struggling with a lack of faith. What should I do? Hear and read the word until faith is created in me? And I have to try to keep the law as best as I can meanwhile? Also: the confessional Lutherans say that good works do not contribute to salvation (it's evidence, a consequence of salvation) but, at the same time, say that deliberate sin extinguishes faith. But, since the demands of the law are so hard, isn't not doing good works all the time a sin? Because if I am not helping my neighbor, but doing something for myself, I am not keeping the law intentionally. Thanks.

One thing God has spoken, two things have I heard: that you, O God, are strong, and that you, O Lord, are loving. Psalm 62:11-12